The Future of Business: 4 Ways Companies Will Change

While we may not have a crystal ball, current business trends point to a not-so-distant future that looks very different. Here are Dr. Dana Ardi's predictions. read more

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7 Predictions For The Future Of Work

Everything you thought you knew about the workplace is already outdated. Gone are the days when decisions were made from the top down and when all anyone was expected to do was simply “their job.” read more

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How to Lead By Leaving Your Ego At The Door

If you ask most people to describe how a great leader looks and acts, you’ll often get answers that refer to generals and military commanders, or presidents and heads of state. In other words, we tend to think of leaders as those who rise to the top of the hierarchical pyramid -- those who display charisma, a “take charge” attitude, and the self-confidence to issue commands from above -- consequences be damned. read more

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Why Mentoring Programs Fail And How To Build The Next Generation of Beta Sponsorship

When I reflect on my many years working as a corporate anthropologist, I realize that merely identifying and hiring people with the best skills isn't what will set the next generation of great companies apart from the competition. Rather the future will belong to the Betas, to those organizations that rely on collaboration and teamwork, and are adept at finding people who fit well within this type of corporate culture. read more

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