Fall of the AlphasTHE FALL OF THE ALPHAS
The New Beta Way to Connect, Collaborate, Influence – And Lead

“Today’s American corporate world is a tale of two cultures.  One, more traditional and common, is centralized and hierarchical.  I call it Alpha.  The other, smaller and rarer, is decentralized, horizontal, and inclusive.  I call this one Beta,” explains corporate anthropologist Dana Ardi.

In her new  book, THE FALL OF THE ALPHAS (St. Martin’s Press/October 2013), Ardi argues that the future belongs to the Betas.

Drawing on examples from her work with Fortune 500 companies and entrepreneurial startups, Ardi explores what it takes to build a Beta company – one that is positioned for greatness.  She emphasizes that Beta leaders and organization:

• Help people succeed at what they’re good at, rather than forcing them to become people they’re not

• Empower people to expand their skill sets based on their individual needs, rather than on a prescribed syllabus

• Encourage people to confront and solve problems together, working collaboratively on the organization’s shared mission

“The long-term success of both new and existing companies requires abandoning the old Alpha leadership and structural model and adopting the Beta paradigm,” argues Ardi.  “The Beta approach will help you recruit, manage, and retain the kind of talent you and your organization need to profit today and tomorrow.”  With insight and practical guidance, THE FALL OF THE ALPHAS show companies how to transform from Alpha to Beta, becoming more effective, flexible, and profitable in the process.