Corporate Anthropology Advisors Case Studies

Conducting A Culture Study And Organizational Assessment To Build Organizational Effectiveness

The Board of Directors of a billion-plus dollar entertainment company was concerned that the business was not realizing its full potential.  Corporate Anthropology conducted a culture study and an organizational assessment, helping the client identify gaps in talent and organizational effectiveness.  This work allowed the Board to undertake informed decision making and workforce planning.  Corporate Anthropology then conducted searches for a new CEO and for the company’s first ever Vice President of Strategy.  Successful candidates were found and onboarded.  With the new executives in place, the company performance accelerated and a successful acquisition of a competitor followed.  The company continues to perform and grow.

Finding And Onboardig A Top Level Executive By Using Strategic Search Methods

An entrepreneurial digital/mobile start-up faced the challenge of hiring a Vice President of Marketing for the first time.  Corporate Anthropology used its strategic search methods to help the company define the position and helped the management team align around the new position.  Corporate Antrhropology then taught the team how to use competency-based interview techniques.  The executive was identified, hired and successfully onboarded into the organization.  A marketing team was then designed around the new executive.

Aligning Management Capabilities Around A Sound Business Strategy And Recruiting Senior Executives

A Fortune 500 consumer company wanted to expand its digital products and services and rethink the way it communicated with customers using digital technologies.  Corporate Anthropology created a year-long development program for the top sixty global executives.  Throughout the year, Corporate Anthroopology worked with the team on growing their knowledge base, updating their understanding of the digital landscape, facilitating the necessary culture shift and expanding their capabilities.  Corporate Anthropology worked with the human resource team to upgrade their recruiting skills, rebrand the company to appeal to digital talent and create an organizational talent map for the future of the company.  Over the course of the year, Corporate Anthropology recruited multiple senior executives and assisted the human resource team in recruiting dozens of other digital impact players.